How Dogs Will Pick Out Their Own Dog Bed

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How Dogs Will Pick Out Their Own Dog Bed

by Suzanne Bean

Your dogs will let you know what dog beds that they like better. My husband bought our dog Blue our Heeler a Round Dog Bed because whenever she was outside taking a nap she would curl into a little ball. He thought that this would be the best kind because of the way she was sleeping outside. I think that Blue sleeps like this because she feels more protected with our other two dogs outside running around which are a lot bigger than her. While Blue would be curled up in a little ball the two other dogs would leave her sleep and not bother her.

Blue sleeps in the house at night on her round dog bed she just stretches out as far as she can. During the winter months the dog bed is right in front of the fireplace so she stays very warm and cozy on this Orthopedic Dog Bed. A lot of times when I watch her sleeping her head will be off the dog bed and her body up on the top of it just stretched out. Now Blue feels like she is more relaxed in the house and feels like she can stretch out as she wants to and does not have to worry about being bothered.

In my opinion we will soon be buying a new dog bed for Blue and it will be a Square Dog bed which will be a lot better for the way that she sleeps in the house. It will still be an Orthopedic Dog bed because these beds are made very well and she is getting older and sometimes complains of sore joints. Orthopedic Dog beds help for joints pain and stiffness. Blue is a small dog but because of the way that she sleeps I will get her a Large Dog Bed so she can stretch out the way she like to in the house. No matter what bed blue sleeps on she will have her blanket that she has had since being a puppy, she can not sleep without it.

Now I know from watching our dog at different times and places what dog bed will be the perfect bed for her; we will be buying a Large Square Orthopedic Dog Bed and I hope you will watch your dogs to learn what kind of bed to buy for them.

Suzanne Bean: Home based business owner of BeansDogBeds opened in 06 selling quality Dog beds.

selling dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, indoor & outdoor dog beds I live on a farm with 60+ animals; our company will keep cost down on the dog beds we know the expense of raising pets. I have been living on a farm for 17 years and when I was younger, my friend and I showed Dobermans at different dog shows. My husband has had animals all his life, he does farming, horseback riding, horse shoeing, training dogs to hunt rabbits and for pets. We both have three children each two boys and one girl, six kids combined & eight grandchildren.

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