How Flea Harms The Overall Growth Of A Dog

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How Flea Harms The Overall Growth Of A Dog

by Babu Banik

0ne of the unwise acts on part of the dog owners will be ignoring the skin lesions of any kind. Animals ? especially the dogs and the cats tend to play host to a series of unwanted guests such as fleas, lice, mites and ticks, thereby creating a menace to the overall health of the pet. The little demons ? the fleas affect the dog?s skin and the coats to a great extent and eventually results in excessive discomfort that usually drives your little pooch to make more damages due to excessive scratching, trying to get rid of this nightmares.

As a matter of fact there are four distinctive kinds of fleas that attack our cute canine members. These are, however, human fleas, stick-tight fleas, dog fleas and cat fleas. While the human fleas, dog fleas and the cat fleas can attack the dogs at any point of time if care is not taken properly, the stick-tight fleas are usually found during when the climate tends to be warmer. All these categories of fleas are the external parasites that feed on the dogs? blood and expose the dog to the risk of severe anemia.

The fleas generally produce a large number of eggs, which they tend to drop off the host dogs. These eggs then turn into larvae that feed on the organic matter ? especially the dry skins of the dogs and tend to grow very fast. With the passage of the days they turn to be more inclined on sucking blood from the host?s body that eventually blows up into a highly serious issue.

Whenever a flea bites a dog, it injects the saliva, which stops the blood coagulation process and makes the blood flow out continuously, thereby facilitating the little monsters to suck the blood at ease. As a matter of fact the rate of blood loss in the process is usually higher as compared to the rate of the formation of new blood. This makes the dogs weaker and a significant loss of vitality, vigour and energy is experienced.

A dog that is heavily infested with these dangerous little demons becomes feeble day by day and the story may end up with the pathetic ending up of his journey.

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