How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Tara Tells About Her Life At 6 To 11 Years Old

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How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Tara Tells About Her Life At 6 To 11 Years Old

by Robin Plan

Life was good. This summer Mom went back to Texas to bring our big brother Max to live with us. Our dad had to get used to 3 dogs but in short time he grew to love Max the way he did us girls. I loved having Max back in our pack. I still picked fights with Cher.

Mom and our dad (Dan) got married. I got to see my Texas family again. Mom bought me these silly dog boots because the snow was so cold on my feet. I didn?t go for the boots at all. Still picking fights with Cher.

We have a new baby in the family. He cries loud and takes a lot of Mom?s time. He has his own room and Mom and Dad have to get up a lot during the night to feed him. He doesn?t bother me and I love having Mom home all the time.

The baby is crawling all over us. Max is his favorite dog. Cher isn?t too crazy about him pulling her hair. I just go with the flow and try not to knock him over. Mom is back at work and the baby is away all day. We catch up on our beauty sleep until the family comes home. Mom, Dad and the baby go to Texas for a visit. Max, Cher and I went to a kennel while everyone was in Texas. Mom is very worried because we?ve never slept outside or been to a kennel. We had a great time at the kennel. It had indoor-outdoor dog runs so we could go outside and bark all we wanted. It was great!

Mom quit working for good to stay home with the baby. It was great having her with us all the time again. The baby was big enough to play with now and I loved it when he threw my tennis balls. He was a pretty good playmate. Cher had a thing for baby?s socks, she would eat them. Luckily they always came back up and Mom had to really watch out for stray socks. Max was so good with the baby. I still picked fights with Cher.

The next few years were busy with family stuff. Everyone still played with us dogs, took us for walks and we spent more time at our favorite kennel. Mom started working some at the kennel, she had to do that to pay for boarding for us 3 dogs. I finally stopped picking on Cher when she got tired of it all and bit me hard on my front leg. Mom thought I was going to bleed to death. Luckily it was a small bite and I was fine. I still gave Cher dirty looks but never picked on her again.

I just heard my family say "play ball" so I gotta run but please do check back soon for more about me. I'm gald you vistited and hope you enjoyed hearing about my life so far.
Woof, Tara

Robin Plan- life long dog lover Passion for pets

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