How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Taras First 5 Years

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How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Taras First 5 Years

by Robin Plan

My first year: 1990
My mom picked me from my brothers and sisters when I was 8 weeks old. My full name is Hallmarc Finesse of Oakleaf. Tara is my every day name, I've been called Tara-riffic, Tara Dog, T dog and Grandma Dog. Mom and I started training in conformation classes and going to puppy fun matches when I was 9 weeks old. My first show was in Arlington Texas at the Scottish Festival. I was the youngest pup there, it was hot, I went home with my first ribbon and had tons of fun. We trained in class and at home for several more months. We got many more ribbons from matches and class. I trained Mom pretty well, enough that I wasn?t embarrassed at shows, when she made mistakes I acted like I didn?t notice, I love her too much to hurt her feelings. At home I played with my big brother Max, he was 2 years older than me. I got used to all the grooming Mom did, even learned to hold my feet up for nail trimming with a grinder. When I was 6 months old my baby sister Cher joined our family. She had the beauty, I had the brains. We were inseparable and best friends. Mom, Cher and I traveled all over Texas to dog shows. Cher wasn't old enough to enter shows so she became my best cheerleader. She was Mom's shadow, a little soft touch, and a gentle soul.

Things changed a lot when I turned one year old. My little sister Cher started getting more of Mom's attention and I guess I was jealous. I started picking fights with her when Mom was around. I still loved her just didn't want to share Mom with her. I was still training, now it was fun, we were doing obedience. I loved it because I was more a tomboy and liked the athletic shows more than the beauty contest. Cher got to show in conformation since she was a beauty. I wasn't a good cheerleader for her but still got to tag along.

I got my CD title in 3 straight shows. Everyone was so proud of me. I still picked fights with Cher. We still traveled all over Texas. Mom had a surprise this year. She had a 7-month sheltie, Tex she was trying to place in a home. She knew I was coming in season and wanted to breed me. Well Tex and I took care of that. I was in such good shape it wasn?t obvious I was pregnant until 2 weeks before the babies were born. This was the only litter I ever had. Tex was busy; Cher had a litter from him also. Mom had 16 weeks of puppies in the bedroom. Mom didn?t realize a 7 month old could father a litter. Tex was neutered before Cher?s pups were born.

Mom started taking me to a Nursing Home every Sunday. Her grandmother lived there, Mamaw wasn't fond of dogs but all her friends loved my visits. We started slowing down on the dog shows. Mom had to switch jobs and just didn't have the free time to travel. It was a fun year playing with Max, Tex and Cher (if Mom wasn?t around). We still trained a lot, went to parks to play, fetched tennis balls, and just played a lot.

Mom had to change jobs again. She worked nights but her sister lived with us so someone was still with us all the time. We had our doggy door, lived in the country, could bark all we wanted and had a perfect life. Mom had to go to New York for 3 months to work. After that she met a really nice man from Minnesota so Mom, Cher and I moved to the coldest place I've ever known. It was a big change to live in the city after being a country girl for so long. I got Mom in trouble with the Police from my barking. It was cold with all this freezing white powder. Cher and I got used to everything and loved the new man in our life. He even let us sleep on the bed and tried to protect Cher from my attacks. It was an adventurous year.

My new dad played with me a lot, took me to the bank, and just loved Cher and me. This year I spend a week in the hospital when my uterus ruptured. Mom was so worried I wouldn?t come back home. I recovered quickly after getting home. Cher was spayed while I was in the hospital to save her from the problems I suffered.
I'm taking a break now from thinking and writing but please do check back soon for more about me. I'm gald you vistited and hope you enjoyed hearing about my life so far.
Woof, Tara

Robin Plan- life long dog lover Passion for Pets

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