How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Taras Still Got A Lot To Say At 17 Years Old

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How I Grew A Healthy Happy 17YearOld Dog Taras Still Got A Lot To Say At 17 Years Old

by Robin Plan

Mom made me a big, soft comfy bed with my name on it for my 15th birthday. The highlight of my days was sitting outside barking at the mail carrier. He took a break in front of my house just to hear me sing for 10 minutes. Mom had to quit her job at the shelter because we moved to the kennel so she could work there all the time. It was a big change for Scotty, Bob cat and me. We didn?t have a big fenced yard and Mom was afraid I would wonder into the woods and get lost so she took me out on a leash a lot. There?s a nice walking path we use a lot. I love it here. The kitchen is my room, there?s too many stairs around for me to explore the rest of the house. I still get around fine but Mom is afraid of me trying to manage steps. My hearing and sight is starting to fade but I can still always find my people so I?m happy. We are back up to 3 Shelties now. Mom adopted a goofy pup named Riley. Dad gave in to her because he didn?t think I would be around much longer and thought it would be easier on her if she had 2 dogs to care for. Well I?m still here and going strong. This goofy dog bugs me at times. He knocks me over when he tries to play. He?s really okay, he respects me, my bed, my food and my space. He and Scotty are best friends and that?s good for Scotty.

I got to go camping and spend special time with Mom, the boys stayed home for this trip, I needed to get away from all the activity for a week end.

I?m getting pretty picky with what I will eat. Mom bakes doggy muffins and cookies for me. She has to top my dog food with yummy stuff, she calls it healthy food, all I know is it?s good. I get something different all the time because I get tried of the same stuff like cheese and yogurt. Mom watches what I eat pretty close and finally found a vitamin I like. I haven?t been to the Vet since I stumbled down the deck steps and pulled my hip out of socket. Mom was so scared but the vet was able to pop it back in and I was just fine. Dad did build a ramp for me after that. He?s really a soft touch when it comes to me. I used to have to go to the vet really often to have my teeth cleaned. Mom stopped doing this, I think she was afraid I wouldn?t wake up. Max had some problems after his teeth were cleaned, I think he was about 13 at the time. Anyway she has found something for all of us pets to use. I?m glad because those goofy dogs and Bob had the worse breath! The other animals are still goofy but leave me alone so I guess we?re friends.

Wow I?m 17 years old and still going strong. My hips are still good, eyesight and hearing is fading but I still have some of both. Mom keeps me strong with good dog food, my vitamins, the stuff in our water for our teeth, short walks and lots and lots of attention. Sometimes I don?t hear what she says but I don?t let her know that. Sometimes it tickles a lot when I get petted, I can?t help but let them know when it tickles because my leg starts trying to scratch the area they are petting me. I love my bed, it used to have my name Tara on it, now it only has A, too many washings I guess.

It doesn?t matter everyone knows it?s my bed. I let Bob sleep on it with me sometimes. Sometimes one of the boys will sneak a nap on it. I look forward to summer so I can go camping again, take more short walks, and finally get rid of this cold snow. I still don?t like snow. We didn?t have snow in Texas so I never got used to it. I?m a Texas girl, just like my Mom, You can take the girl out of Texas but you can?t take Texas out of the girl. That?s about all of my story for now. I know Mom and my family will give me and my brothers the best love and care so I?ll be around a while longer to add to my life story. I?m still happy, healthy and loving after 17 years. To all my new friends interested in my life I thank you and wish you and your pets a happy, fun and healthy life.


Robin Plan- life long dog lover
Passion for pets

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