How Much Should You Spend on Fido this Christmas

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How Much Should You Spend on Fido this Christmas

by Grant Carroll

This Christmas, you don?t want to forget you furry, four-legged friend. At the same time, you don?t want this little friend to be the one that busts your holiday budget wide open. This begs the question: How much should I spend on my dog for Christmas? This is also true if you?re shopping for someone else?s dog, too. Any shopper should be warned that there are many stores out there that are overpriced and taking advantage of the season. However, there are many good pet stores where you can get a great gift at a reasonable price.

The greatest tool a holiday shopper has against spending too much on their dog (or on anyone for that matter) is common sense. For example, if you go to a pet boutique online or physically and you see a small dog coat selling for $80 and pet bowls going for $100 or more, I strongly suggest you go elsewhere. Trust me, there?s no way those items cost that much to make, especially not when the amount of fabric used could barely cover your arm. It?s hard to give a solid limit price because there is such a wide range of quality on the market. For dog clothing, it?s best not to spend more than $30 on a good quality coat and $20 on a sweater. Keep in mind that I?m referring to the top quality items that will last a few years before you need to replace them. You can go way cheaper, but don?t be surprised if it falls apart in a week. If you?re getting a novelty dog dish, keep it in the $30-$40 range. Also, metals bowls will probably outlast ceramic ones and give you more for your money.

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