How Should I Choose A Breeder And What Should I Look For

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How Should I Choose A Breeder And What Should I Look For

by Jeremy Rupke

- a good breeder will perform all clearances listed in my "What genetic diseases should goldendoodle breeders be testing for in the parents?" article and will share with potential clients all health certificates. If a breeder says they give a health guarantee and they say they know there dogs are healthy but are unwilling to chow you health clearances of the parents then this is a red flag!!! Ask to see the certificates!!!

I?ve had dogs with grade 4 dysplasia who are healthy, happy and jumping around. There is no way I would have known they had HD if I did not get them tested. Imagine if I was a unreputable breeder and didn?t get these dogs tested and sold you a pup out of one of these parents!!!! ASK TO SEE CERTIFICATIONS!!!!!

- a responsible breeder will be able to provide you with references

- a responsible breeder will be honest with you and have high moral standards and integrity to provide their clients with a quality puppy.

They should be willing to work with you even after your pup goes home and should want to be kept up to date on how the pup is growing and maturing and their temperament. This is how a responsible breeder helps improve there breeding program. By knowing what there breeding stock and certain parents produce I?m better able to breed the best goldendoodles out there and pair my breeding stock appropriately!

- a reasonable breeder will provide you with a health guarantee, make sure the pups are vaccinated, micro chipped and dewormed!

- a responsible breeder will have some type of adoption form!

-a responsible breeder will ask you questions about what you are looking for in a dog to determine if this is the right dog for you and this will also help the breeder place the right pup with you that suits what your family is looking for temperament and coat type wise!

- a responsible breeder will allow clients to visit their kennel. But remember pups are very prone to many disease so each breeder has different rules when it comes to visiting. At Swiss ridge kennels we only allow people who have purchased a pup to view the kennel at the time of pickup and this cuts down on traffic and reduces the chance of many different disease like parvo, canine distemper, canine herpes, kennel cough, canine flu ect being spread to out dogs.

- a responsible breeder will provide you with references from clients, other breeders, veterinarians, ect.

- a responsible breeder will ask questions to help determine if you will provide a great home to there pups. They will care about there pups and care about where they are going!

Sherry Rupke is a vet tech, and has received years of training on proper care of dogs and other animals. She was raised on a farm and has been interested in caring for animals since she was a child. Sherry has been breeding dogs for over 5 years, and has built an outstanding reputation in the goldendoodle community, visit her website at

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