How To Be Successful At Dog Obedience Training

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How To Be Successful At Dog Obedience Training

by Lisa McKennon

Patience, persistence and consistency are the key to successfully training any dog ? young or old. Obedience training is a great step to take in teaching your dog to behave. A well behaved dog is a joy to be around.

An important aspect to remember is that dogs make mistakes. When a mistake is made it needs to be corrected right away. Waiting even a little bit to correct something will confuse the dog. They won?t know what you are trying to correct if your response is not right after the mistake. And it is important to correct unwanted behavior from the beginning before bad habits form. Recognizing this will be a huge advantage for you in training your pet. In the same manner, praise needs to be given right away for behavior you want to encourage. Praise establishes a positive way to correct unwanted behavior by encouraging wanted behavior.

You need to establish yourself as the one who is in charge. Since dogs are pack animals they need to know that you are the Alpha Dog. This is a natural thing for them to need to be the leader or to need to be lead. Take advantage of this and put yourself in the lead position and training will go much smoother. When a dog exposes his belly to you this is a sign of submission, so rub his belly often.

Your best step to help a misbehaving dog is to go to a dog obedience class. Check with your local vet ? they usually offer classes or will know of someone who does. A dog obedience class is a good step to take for a first time dog owner. The classes are not only to teach the dog the correct behavior but it also teaches the owner the correct behavior and responses. This will take away the stress of trying to figure out what to do and will start you off with a good relationship with your pet.

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