How To Become A Dog Trainer

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How To Become A Dog Trainer

by Ken Wilssens

If you want to become a dog trainer, there are many professional organizations that will help you get the information you need. There are few different types of dog training schools. The type you choose depends on how you want to take the course. If you want to stay at home, there are online courses you can take. This type of course involves research, doing reading and performing different projects. You have to send in these projects to have them graded. There are several degree programs that you can enroll in and provide you with an excellent source of learning theory and behavior that you need to know in order to become a dog trainer.

If you have time to spend in school, there are dog training schools that you can attend on a daily or nightly basis. Here you will not only learn the theory behind all the methods, but you will get hands on training with dogs. If you want to take a basic hands on course in dog training, the typical course lasts for about six weeks. If you have already been through a program and want advance training, there are one and two week programs that you can take.

Becoming a good dog trainer involves years of education and working with dogs. You can also get the training you need by working as an apprentice to a master dog trainer and even volunteering with rescue groups and shelters will provide you with a great learning experience.

The CCPDT offers a certification program for dog trainers. Right now, this program has an introductory level that requires dog trainers to have 5 years of experience and a minimum number of hours before they can take the test.

If you need information about where you can get the training you need, you can also contact the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

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