How To Crate Train A Puppy In A Week

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How To Crate Train A Puppy In A Week

by Trey Stevens

If you are looking to crate train your puppy, you are certainly not alone! Crate training is one of the most popular ways of teaching a puppy not to relieve itself in the home. It also helps when you need to leave the puppy alone for various periods of time. So just how do you crate train a puppy in a week? Well, it really does not have to be that difficult.

Crate Training a Puppy within One Week

In order to learn how to crate train a puppy in a week, you need to first ensure that you have the right amount of time to dedicate to crate training it. It can be a time consuming process and if you do want quick results, you do have to be willing to spend a lot of time with the puppy and the crate. Basically crate training within one week will involve:

Teaching the puppy what the crate is before you put it up

Keeping the crate near you at all times in the beginning

Giving the puppy treats when they are in the crate

Gradually building up to leave the puppy for various periods of time

Many people do not realize that they have to teach the puppy what the crate actually is. They purchase the crate and think that instantly they can place the puppy in it and that will be that. Now while it is certainly possible to place the puppy in the crate and keep them in it straight away, it is definitely not recommended! This is because it could scare the puppy and that could cause various problems for you in the long run.

So you need to spend time showing the puppy what the crate is. Dissemble it a little if you can and allow the puppy to sniff it and give the puppy treats around it. They will get to sniff it and know what it is before they are faced with it fully assembled. When they are comfortable with that, fully assemble the crate again and simply keep the door open. Allow the puppy to come and go as they please and give them treats when they are in the crate.

Once you are confident you can start closing the crate door and keep the crate close to you while the puppy is inside. Give them a treat and do not give in to their cries. Gradually start leaving it for longer in the crate and when it are comfortable next to you, you will then need to start leaving the room.

Usually crate training a puppy can take a long time, but if you want it done within a week then you really do have to do the exercises mentioned repeatedly. Your puppy will get used to the crate within that week if you do spend the time needed with it.

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