How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Dog

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Dog

by Emma Drosy

A flea is a warm bloodsucker; it may infest your dog and may possibly suck on your blood as well. It is therefore necessary to make sure flea will not be allowed to roam around your household.

Prevent the spread of fleas The best way to get rid of flea on your dog is to ensure that these small bloodsuckers will not thrive on your pet and around your household.

  • Vacuum your home thoroughly giving close attention to corners, cracks and the basement. This is because fleas thrive on warm and humid area. They are also very small that they can hide on the corners and cracks.
  • Fleas are also very tiny and may hide on carpet fibers and upholstery. They have spiky body that is hard to entangle from your carpet fibers. You therefore need to be vigilant especially on your carpet and upholstery.
  • Wash pet beddings regularly. Use hot water and keep it as soapy as possible.
  • Bathe your pets weekly and make sure you dry him thoroughly.
Signs of Flea presence in your pet
  • Excessive scratching and biting.
  • Raw patches especially around the tail and lower back.
  • Presence of black, granular dried blood.
Fleas reproduce quickly, thus when you see these signs you may need to be wary because this may lead to severe flea infestation around your home. Removing fleas from your pet Fleas do not easily go away by scratching and biting. They have the spiky body that keep entangles in your dog?s hair. You may therefore need to remove them manually.

  • Remove fleas using fine-toothed comb.
  • Drown the fleas removed in a basin of soapy water. You read it right, drowning works for these tiny bloodsuckers.
  • Use flea shampoos or flea powders, if possible, ask your veterinarian for chemical-free flea treatment. This is to avoid subjecting your pet and your family to chemical overdose.
Non-toxic treatment Water is the most effective flea treatment for your dog. As mentioned, drowning work against fleas. It may help if you can train your dog to bathe while submerged in water up to his neck. This will drown the flea and will be easy for you to comb them away.

Detergent also helps kill flea eggs, combining detergent with water will ensure that you discard the flea and the egg that may become bloodsuckers as well.

Your dog is your best friend, ensuring that he is free from flea will give you the enjoyment of your dog?s company.

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