How To Go About Potty Training Your Dog

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How To Go About Potty Training Your Dog

by Keith Burke

One of the most important and first tasks that the owner of a new dog will have to undertake is potty training (house training) them when they are introduced to their new home for the first time. There are three types of potty training that an owner may need to undertake at some time during their dog's life.

1. Basic potty training - This you will need to do in order to let them know which areas they are allowed to use as a toilet area.

2. Submissive Wetting - You will need to teach your dog that it is not appropriate for them to urinate when they become highly excited when you are greeting them or when they are being disciplined.

3. Marking - When a dog reaches puberty whether they are male or female the will start marking what they consider to be their territory and this needs to be prevented or else you may find that your best shoes have been urinated on.

In most cases basic potty training should only take about 2 weeks for you to establish a routine for your dog as long as you take notice of the following.

1. You need to be consistent as well as committed with the potty training you are giving to your dog.

2. It is important that you are prepared to commence the potty training as soon as you take possession of your dog. So have a collar and leash as well as a designated area prepared for them when they come to their new home and be prepared to set up a schedule and maintain this schedule.

Whilst if you find that your dog has bad habits already if they are either an older dog or have had no formal training and they are a puppy then you may find it can take more than 6 weeks before your dog is fully potty trained.

When selecting a designated area for using as the potty training area it is important that it is outside and in a specific part of the garden. So it is important that you know exactly what area it is you are going to use as you will not be able to train the dog correctly if you are yourself are uncertain. Also by designating a particular area in the garden you can ensure that your children if you have any are kept well clear of the area. Unfortunately there are diseases which are quite dangerous for children and which can be contracted from dog feces and urine.

As long as you keep the guidelines for potty training your dog in mind you should soon find that they know where exactly they need to go, but they still may have the odd accident so do not berate them to much and instead praise them when they do use the right area.

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