How To Hire The Perfect Dog Walker

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How To Hire The Perfect Dog Walker

by Groshan Fabiola

I have a problem. I work all day and my dog Kettle sits cooped up inside all day. Do you know of any way to get my dog out of the house while I?m at work?

There is a simple solution to your problem. You can actually hire a dog walker to be your dog walking replacement while you are at work. Sometimes, a dog walker is more then just a necessity because many dogs that have limited dog-walking time become irritable. Dogs need to have daily exercise and human connection through dog walking. You may have even noticed your dog even acting out by chewing up your couch and favorite pair of heels when you are at work. In some instances, a dog in need of consistent dog walking will show aggression. This lack of exercise has let excess energy build up. Dog walking during the day is also necessary for many dogs because they simply can't go a long duration without going the bathroom. You may be at work for several hours and this can be too long for dogs to go without relieving themselves and/or having a snack.

There are many things to consider when you choose a dog walker. Your dog is a member of your family so you need to go through many of the same considerations that you would when hiring a babysitter for your children. When hiring a babysitter for your children you normally look to family and friends for references. Do the same when you are looking for a dog walker. You can seek out references from friends that have dog walkers, your veterinarian, and dog groomer. They may know of individual dog walkers or dog walking services.

Make sure you find out if your dog walker has dog walking experience. Make sure that they also have a business license. Find this information and investigate it thoroughly. The last thing you want to do is leave your dog in the hands of someone that is unprofessional or may harm your dog. Feeling comfortable with a dog walker's references is also necessary because you will need to give them a key to your home so they can pick up your pooch. They will enter your home for daily dog walking, so you must trust them like you would trust a babysitter.

Make sure you assess the services your dog walker has to offer. Will they provide special assistance to your dog especially if it is an older dog that may be blind or has arthritis? What types of care services will your dog walker provide in addition to dog walking? For example, will they also provide water and feed your dog? Will they then cleanup any dog waste? You need to understand the scope of services your dog walker is willing to provide. There are few factors to think about with regards to the actual dog walking. Will the dog walker walk your dog solo or with a group of dogs? A group of dogs may satisfy your needs, but this limits the amount of personal attention your dog can receive. You might have to pay more for a solo walk, but it could be worth the additional cost to keep your doggie happy.

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