How To Make Safe Healthy Food For Your Dog

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How To Make Safe Healthy Food For Your Dog

by Karen Vines

Are you like me and afraid to feed your dog ANY commercial dog food? How can we trust the dog food industry now? How do we know if any of the dog food on shelves in the stores is safe?

I've been feeding my dog, Puddles, those small cans of chicken and small can of sausages. I've also been feeding her bologna and hot dogs.

Frankly, this is getting too expensive for me. Puddles is a big dog with a big appetite! I've been searching the internet for information on how to make my own dog food, and I found a great source! His name is John Miller, and you can immediately download tons of healthy recipes. I am so relieved I found this! Have you been reading the labels on all the dog food bags in the stores to check for wheat gluten like I've been doing? What about just wheat? Wheat is in many of the dog foods.

Are you thinking that the dog food industry is maybe not telling us everything? I don't want to give my dog any food that has any kind of wheat in it at all! That's why I wanted to find recipes to make homemade food for Puddles, so I can feel good about what she's eating and I know she's safe and healthy. I know it's takes a little more time and effort to make your own dog food, but I feel like my dog, Puddles, is worth it. Isn't yours?

Go to: to find out how you can download tons of healthy, safe food for your beloved dog!

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