How To Register Your New Puppy With The American Kennel Club

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How To Register Your New Puppy With The American Kennel Club

by John Edwards

When buying a new puppy from a breeder, people must be aware that their pet is neither already registered with nor individually recognized until the application has been received and recorded. They must clearly understand that they are responsible for their pet's registration, and should the application be lost, that replacement may not always be possible.

Some new owners are undecided about a name when they acquire their puppy's registration application. Many experienced breeders keep a list of names appropriate for their breed. Other breeders follow a litter format, where each puppy is named, for example, according to geographical locations or the alphabet. An "A" litter might carry names such as "Aaron" or "Amy," a B litter, "Bravo" and "Belle." A few breeders select names, registering the animals first, then later transferring ownership. Some breeders, however, are happy to allow owners the selection, when preceded by their kennel name. Prefacing a dog's name with a kennel name designates where the puppy was born and by whom it was bred. If the new owner also has a kennel name, it is placed afterward, signifying ownership.

The American Kennel Club limits a name to 28 spaces. These spaces may be used by any reasonable combination of letters. Applications are given only one name choice. Often people have a favorite but common name that they wish to use. These people need to be told that "King" or "Queenie" have most likely already been used by numerous dog owners. If they insist on registering their pet with the common name, then the AKC has the right to suffix the name with a number.

Permanently registering a dog's name with the AKC is a serious business. New owners must understand that the naming process must not be treated as a joke. The AKC will not tolerate applications of names that are irreverent or in bad taste. There are a number of dogs that have been registered with one name alone. When a single name is selected, it should be unique.

Once the application for individual registration has been completely and correctly filled out, and signed in the appropriate places, it should be immediately submitted with a check or money order made payable to the Kennel Club in the proper amount. Cash should never be sent through the mail, nor are stamps acceptable. Puppy buyers will receive their dog's permanent registered name and number from the Kennel Club usually within three to eight weeks. This will, in the case of the American Kennel Club, be a white slip with a royal purple border if the registration is not limited. If limited registration is designated by the breeder, the individual certificate will have an orange border. Offspring of dog's with limited registration may NOT be registered.

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