How To Select The Right Pitbull Breeder

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How To Select The Right Pitbull Breeder

by Danni Vickers

Many times I find people searching online for an Amiercan Pitbull Terrier breeder or kennel while they look for a puppy. However, most people who are looking for a quality pet or even show dog do not really know what to look for in a breeder.

There is an abundance of pitbull kennels out there. Some who display ethical breeding standards while others just breed for fast money. It is very important when looking for the right puppy, to find the right breeder to purchase your puppy from.

Purchasing a puppy from a back-yard breeder is never a good idea. They breed for quantity NOT quality. If you are going to spend any money on a dog for pet or show, it is best to deal with knowledgeable breeders or registered kennels. That way you know you are going to get a good puppy that will develop into a healthy adult.

When you are searching for that perfect puppy to bring home, it is very important to look beyond all those cute faces! Purchasing a puppy from a back-yard breeder does not just mean you save some money, it can also mean expensive bills down the road and an uncertain future of your dog.

Here are some really great differences between responsible breeders and back-yard breeders. After you read it, you be the judge of whom you purchase your dog from!

Traits of A Responsible Breeder

1. All dogs look healthy and well groomed.

2. The breeder belongs to breed clubs or organizations.

3. Breeding dogs have pedigrees with dogs who have obtained show titles/working certificates. Conformation, Weight Pull, Ect. Purple Ribbon, Champion, Grand Champion, Ect.

4. Knowledgeable of the breed and researches genetics when selecting a breeding pair.

5. Breeds to improve his dogs, bloodlines or the breed.

6. Sells puppies with contracts.

7. Follows up to check on sold puppies.

8. Requires pups to return to breeder if the owner can no longer care for the dog.

Traits Of A Back Yard Breeder

1. Dogs may be slim and look uncared for.

2. Dogs normally have no papers or if they do the pedigrees are nothing more than fellow bred by backyard breeders.

3. Does not know very much about the breed and simply selects the dogs he thinks will have the most pups.

4. Feeds what ever dog food is the cheapest.

5. Breeds for extra money or as a job.

6. Puppies are sold after birth in the newspaper or at the flea market to the first person with money.

7. Sells pups with no contract. So you have no recourse if something goes wrong.

8. Does not care to follow up and does not care what you do with the dog if you no longer take care of it or where it ends up.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in finding the right American Pitbull Terrier breeder to purchase your puppy from!

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