How To Stop A Barking Dog

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How To Stop A Barking Dog

by Bruce Dinger

How to stop a barking dog? Well, first it helps to know why he is barking. If you understand why he is barking so much, your problem is half solved.

Here are 10 reasons your dog may be barking. If you correct these, or eliminate them, you are on your way to a more quiet and peaceful life.

1.) Your dog has pent-up energy - He may be tied up on a leash, barricaded in a confined space or something similar. He needs to roam. He has lots of energy to expend and can't so one outlet is to bark.

2.) Your dog is trying to get your attention. - Your normal routine might be to show an overt amount of affection with him and give it lots of attention. Then, you have to go off and do other things and leave him to himself. He may not like this and voices his disapproval.

3.) Your dog feel's neglected - Maybe your dog is barking because he is hungry, hot or cold. We sometimes forget to check on these essentials and this is his way of letting you know.

4.) Your dog could be sick, injured or hurt. Again something inside of him may not be right. The only way of knowing this is to have him checked periodically at your vet. If none of these other 9 reasons seem to be the cause of his barking, you might want to check this out.

5.) Your dog sees something that 'bugs' him. For whatever reason, there are some things that just send your dog 'ballistic', like the door bell, the mail man, the UPS truck. Once you understand this, you can proceed from there.

6.) You trained your dog to bark. We sometimes get cute in dealing with our dog. We make a fake bark when we tell him something, or we bark when we let him do something. In time, he links the 'bark' with the action and starts to do it himself.

7.) Your dog is jealous - Your dog may be tied up and sees something across the yard or on the other side of the fence. He may want to join in or chase whatever, but because he can't, he lets you know by barking.

8.) Your dog is about to get aggressive. This sometimes is a warning when he is about to show his dominance in a situation. This needs special care.

9.) It is inbred in your dog. Perhaps your dog's breed is a known working dog and naturally has a lot of energy. He suddenly can not get exercise and release it, so he barks and becomes anxious.

10.) Your dog may simply be bored. If your dog normally gets a lot of attention and then is left to himself, he may simply be bored and voices his opinion.

Barking dogs are not fun, but then again, dogs need to bark sometimes. If your dog is a barking dog, read over these 10 items and perhaps you can discover how to stop your dog from barking.

If not, there are plenty of books and techniques for getting help on how to make a barking dog - a quite dog.

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