How To Stop Bad Dog Behavior

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How To Stop Bad Dog Behavior

by Gerry Restrivera

Dogs belong to the Canidae family which includes wolves, foxes and cayotes. Since dogs came from ancestors with wild behaviors, it is not surprising for dogs to demonstrate a wild or aggressive behavior. Although dogs are now domesticated, there are still tendencies for dogs to exhibit their natural behavior. Humans take this behavior as bad dog behavior and expecting their dogs to behave and live with them in peace and harmony.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to stop bad dog behavior:

Early separation from the mother. Dogs are pack animals and they don?t like to be alone. When puppies are taken away from their mothers early before behavior development, this will result to behavior problems. It is advisable that puppies stayed with their mother and other puppies for about 8-10 weeks old. He will learn his behavior under the care of the mother dog. If he tries to bite other puppies, for instance, the mother dog is there to growl as a warning that his biting and bad dog behavior is not acceptable. Puppies will learn to modify their behavior if they stay long enough with their mother and by the time you take them home they are already equipped to communicate properly. It will be easier for you to house train your puppy and stop dog bad behaviors.

Reprimand when needed to stop bad dog behavior. If your dog displays bad behavior, do not ignore it. Use punishment or be strict when your dog does something that displeases you, but do not hurt your dog. Just let him know or feel that you don?t agree with his bad dog behavior.

Don?t be afraid to show appreciation or acknowledge your dogs? good behavior. Through praises and affirmations, dogs learn that they are doing the right thing that makes you happy. Remember that dogs like to please you and if he feels you are happy with his behavior he will keep doing it until it becomes a habit.

Train your dog. Dog obedience is not innate; you must put time and effort to train your dog to stop bad dog behavior. Lack of obedience training will result to bad dog behavior. You cannot communicate properly to your dog if he is not acquainted with the proper dog trainings.

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