How To Stop Your Dog Barking And Stop Your Dog Chewing

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How To Stop Your Dog Barking And Stop Your Dog Chewing

by Kevin Hart

Two of the most common problems new dog owners encounter is endless barking, and chewing everything in sight. With proper training it is not difficult to overcome these problems.

A bark is part of a dog just as much as speech is part of we humans so please don?t think of removing its bark, it?s cruel.

The reason a dog barks is to alert it owner to something: it may be unusual sounds or movements or it may just be saying, ?I love you.? But some dongs, like some humans, don?t know when to keep quiet. Unlike humans, though, it is relatively easy to overcome this constant noise.

Here is a simple tip I discovered many years ago which will stop your dog from barking. Get a bottle that squirts easily, a washing up liquid bottle is idea and when the dog barks squirt him in the face. It might sound cruel but it is not, it will startle the dog but it will in no way hurt him and I could almost guarantee that in a very short time he?ll discover that when he barks he gets squirted and when he remains quiet he doesn?t.

A more expensive problem can be dogs chewing, have you ever watched a dog chew on a pair of old slippers, a piece of wood, an empty plastic bottle. It doesn?t take a great leap of imagination to realize that this can be dangerous to the dog and can be quite destructive. It is a habit that needs correcting urgently.

My approach has always been to leave the puppy alone and not to bother too much with him as long as he is doing no harm to himself or been destructive. My attitude has been to see the pup like a child teething. I wait until he leaves puppy-hood.

When your pup is beginning to grow out of puppy-hood buy him some toys to chew on, and train him to restrict his chewing to those toys. It is vitally important when you start to train him in this manner that you watch him very carefully. When you see him tackling something other than his own toys, look him straight in the eyes and very firmly and in a loud voice say ?NO!?. At the same time offer him his favourite toy.

Put these two dog training techniques into practice and you will be well on your way to having a delightful and socialized dog.

Kevin Hart lives in Armagh City, Ireland. He is an author and researcher. More useful information and more articles on dogs can be found at his sight

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