How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing The Wrong Things

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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing The Wrong Things

by Enwelimikwu Anthony

Chewing is a very natural dog behavior that often starts in the early stage of a dog?s life when a dog starts to teethe. Chewing can be a habit that your dog acquires because of boredom, anxiety, or even frustration. It does not matter why your dog chews, the behavior can be dangerous to your dog and can very expensive for you.

The first step in stopping your dog's chewing problem is to catch him in the process of chewing the wrong thing such as shoes, furniture, or other household items. Immediately, remove the inappropriate item from their clutches, and replace it with an appropriate toy. It will take some time to really find out which toy is your dog?s most favorite. So, try different types. But as you try lots of different toys to encourage constructive chewing, keep in mind that the best ones are those designed to promote healthy teeth and gums such as dental chew ropes. Make sure to pick up a chew toy that is considered to be the safest in the marketplace. You must also get the right size and color to fit the dog?s mouth and personality.

Among the harmless chew toys available in the market are as follows:
Nylabones ? They are made from odor-free nylon fibers, which is safe and tender for your dog?s mouth. With different shapes and sizes, nylabones will be suitable for different kinds of dogs. Galileo is among the best known nylabone chew toys available currently. Kong toys - They are a perfect match for those dogs that are suffering from insecurity and anxiety. These sterilized bones have a hollow in the middle to stuff different kinds of dog food.

Give your dog a special spot in the house where they can keep their favorite chew toys. Always keep these safe dog toys in this area alone; that way the dog will always know where to go when they feel like they need to chew on something.

Always give praise when your dog is chewing the appropriate item.

Does your dog chew up everything in sight and cost you embarrassment and hundreds of dollars replacing your favorite shoes, furniture and family heirlooms?

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