How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

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How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

by Enwelimikwu Anthony

Jumping of dogs are actually signs of their excitement and happiness especially if someone comes into the door. This behavior can be dangerous and you must stop your dog from jumping as early as possible. If you start to stop your dog from jumping, eliminating this manner wll not only result to a dog becoming well disciplined, but you would acquire the same values as your pet. Exuberance of our pets is a good trait yet it is not always advisable especially if safety is at stake. There are actually several ways to help stop your dog from jumping, be well trained and liked by everyone else.

Many people are reluctant to discourage this exuberant behavior, but it is important to redirect that happiness and energy in other ways. Many well meaning owners, family members and friends inadvertently encourage this jumping up behavior by picking the puppy up, kissing it or otherwise providing encouragement.

One way to redirect the dog?s happiness and excited ness from jumping is to teach him to lift his paw when greeting you. This ?shaking hands? posture is an acceptable way for the dog to show his happiness and his respect. Many people even teach their dogs to do simple tricks, like rolling over, instead of jumping on people.

Another way you can stop your dog from jumping on people is to back away while using the command ?Off!? followed by ?Sit!? Another is to catch a forepaw in each hand and step toward the dog, repeating the ?Off!? command. Give praise when it obeys.

Do yourself a favor as well as your family and friends. Train your dog not to jump on people when they enter your house. It can be done easier than you think.

If the above training tips to stop you dog from jumping on people do not to work as fast as you want, do not lose hope. It only means you need more effective techniques to transform your dog?s behavior. Did you know that you can put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog?s behavior problems by using techniques that will give you immediate results?

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