How To Stop Your Puppy Chewing On Everything

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How To Stop Your Puppy Chewing On Everything

by Susan Koranki

Is your puppy always chewing on forbidden objects? Are you the proud owner of half a dozen mismatched shoes? Do you need help before your pooch chews his way through everything you own? If so, read on.

Chewing comes naturally to puppies, and in their little minds everything is chewable until proven otherwise. It exercises their jaws and helps with teething pains as well as keeping plaque and tartar at bay. Some breeds have a stronger urge to chew (and often stronger jaws) than others, but all puppies need to satisfy their desire to sink their teeth into something.

Here?s where it pays to be pro-active. To help cut down on puppy chewing, puppy-proof your environment by removing as much temptation as possible. Move ornaments and houseplants from lower shelves or coffee tables, put away trailing table runners and tie up fancy drapes, make sure that all shoes are put inside a closet or in a room that your puppy doesn?t have access to, don?t leave toys and books on the floor and keep all the bedroom doors shut to prevent your laundry being hijacked.

Electrical cords and wires are a big temptation and can be extremely dangerous if chewed on. To stop your puppy chewing on them spray them with Bitter Apple (a nasty tasting spray found in most pet stores) or thread them through PVC piping for added safety.

Even if you?ve got an A+ in puppy-proofing, your little furry baby will still find something forbidden to chew on, so you also need to supervise him whenever you can, and when you can?t ? confine him somewhere safe and comfortable.

A crate is a great way to keep your puppy safe when you?re not able to be watching him, or you can also use the wire exercise pens or various other types of doggie playpen on the market. Make sure he has a few SAFE, sturdy toys to play with so that he won?t be so tempted to look for trouble.

If, despite your best efforts, your puppy manages to get his teeth into something forbidden don?t be tempted to give chase and try to wrench the thing out of his mouth. He?ll just think it?s some wonderful new game you?ve invented! Instead, get a tasty treat and a favorite toy (squeaky ones work well) and then approach him slowly. Using an upbeat, happy voice say something along the lines of ?Oh Fido, what did you find? Will you let me see it? Here, drop it.?

Chances are he?ll come running to show you his treasure and this is when you show him the toy you?re holding and offer him the treat. He?ll probably drop his current object in favor of the new one, and while he?s busy with the tasty treat you can slowly and gently pick up the forbidden item (don?t be tempted to snatch at it as he?ll notice, get excited and probably beat you to the punch).

After a few (or many) repetitions he will understand the phrase 'drop it' - always reward him promptly when he lets go of his prize as that will reinforce the good behavior.

Although it?s a trying time, puppies do eventually grow out of the puppy chewing stage and learn that when they feel the need to sink their teeth into something they get in a lot less trouble if it?s their bone or Kong than if it?s your new pumps.

Be patient, firm and consistent and one day all this puppy chewing will be a thing of the past.

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