How To Successfully House Train Your Dog

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How To Successfully House Train Your Dog

by Gerry Restrivera

No matter how much you love your dog, you would definitely go ballistic once you have seen that your favorite dress has been trampled on, your shoes peed on and your beautiful rug has muddy paw prints all over. In order to prevent such disasters from happening, you need to successfully house train your dog as early as possible. It would really be nice if at a young age, when your canine companion is just a pup, you would already be able to discipline and teach your pet proper pooch etiquette. Much like a child, a dog needs to be taught and disciplined before it can truly be part of your family.

Below are some basic tips that will help you effectively and successfully house train your dog:

Know your dog. Dogs, like people, have different personalities. You cannot expect your new dog to behave exactly the same as your previous puppy, despite numerous training hours. Dogs also need to be able to express themselves and let out their real nature.

To successfully house train your dog, you need to first determine the nature of your dog, its own personality quirks and traits. Observe your dog for a few days before you start the training. See the natural tendencies of your canine friend, particularly when it comes to pooping and urinating. Some dogs like to relieve themselves on dirt or grass, while others on sand or gravel.

If you know the natural tendencies of your dog, it?s easier to successfully house train your dog. For example, if your pup likes to urinate on concrete or hard floors, ensure that the designated poop and urinating area that you will assign is similar to its designated or preferred areas.

Allocate a small training area to successfully house train your dog. Another important factor that will help to successfully house train your dog is designating a small and specific area for training session. If you have a small dog, you can use a crate as a perfect training location. However, if your dog is big or is already an adult, you might want a bigger area, like a part of your garage, basement or bathroom to conduct training sessions.

It would be good to spend a lot of time with your pooch in the training area you have specified, this will help you to successfully house train your dog. At first, you will notice that your dog might start soiling and urinating in your training location. However, if you let your dog sleep, eat and play in that area, sooner or later it will stop soiling the place. Even dogs do not like to poop in their own sleeping and eating area.

Provide your beloved pooch a toilet area. After giving your dog a chance to determine or realize where its training or playing area is, you should now start introducing your pup to its toilet kingdom. To successfully house train your dog, it is best to accompany your dog to its poop and urinating space a few times so that it will be accustomed to the place. Dogs are usually good at developing habits; thus, if you teach them to do their "thing" on the designated areas, they will soon pick up the habit on their own. As mentioned earlier, remember the dog's nature in choosing a perfect toilet area.

Regular meal times. Like people, dogs also follow a certain body clock. Therefore, if your feeding time is regular and consistent, you are helping reinforce the pooch's house training. After a few days of regular feeding or meal time, you will realize that the dog's poop and urinate periods are also consistent and regular. And you will feel proud for doing a good job to successfully house train your dog.

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