How To Teach Your Dog To Bite Softly

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How To Teach Your Dog To Bite Softly

by Sumit Bhatnagar

Dogs do not learn how to bite softly. They have to be taught properly. It needs much information and training.

Remember, pets mostly use their mouth the same way we use our hands. So, it is very important to understand that biting and pulling with their mouth is very natural for dogs.

Helping your dog in interacting with other dogs can be very useful. When two pets play together, they have the tendency to bite each other while being playful. If one dog does not bite softly, the other will run away. This behavior itself is very much helpful in teaching them how to bite softly.

Normally, dogs play and bite in social interactions as this is very natural for them.

The best way to teach this your puppy is something we have described below.

When you get a new puppy, notice when he mouthing your hand. Observe the pressure they use and if it is more, suddenly make a scream and take your hand out of the mouth, give him a look and go away from him for a few minutes.

Do it regularly so that they can understand that something goes wrong when they bite hard. They will understand whatever you want to convey them, sooner or later.

Try to give your pet something to chew. It can be any toy. If you say a no to chew your hand, you have to say a yes to other things.

And never let small kids practice this biting exercise.

If they continue to bite your hand badly, that means your puppy needs to release his energy. So, give him plenty of time to run and exercise.

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