How To Train My Puppy 3 Key Things to Remember

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How To Train My Puppy 3 Key Things to Remember

by Rob Richards

Are you asking How To Train My Puppy? If you want to know How To Train My Puppy, then this article is for you. You?ll learn How To Train My Puppy using 3 essential P?s. Have fun as you learn How To Train My Puppy, you can do it!

How To Train My Puppy ? #1 ? Preparation

Getting a new puppy is a huge undertaking. Not only must you prepare your home, backyard, schedule, bank account and family for what lies ahead, you must prepare yourself for the responsibility of training your puppy. Do you feel prepared? Not just for the potty training, but for all of the other training opportunities that you will be faced with?

Dogs by nature are wild animals and without proper training, they will behave like wild animals. But, if you take the necessary time to prepare yourself in training them, hopefully before you bring them home, your dog will easily live up to its claim as ?Man?s Best Friend?.

Your specific preparations in answering the question, How To Train My Puppy, will include choosing an appropriate method, setting aside the necessary time and purchasing the needed supplies.

How To Train My Puppy - #2 ? Patience

As you begin to potty train your puppy, you will definitely need an extra dose of patience. Puppies are like small children, in that they do not know what is expected of them until we teach them. But, just like children, they can not be expected to ?get it? after being told only once. Your puppy needs to be trained and just like the runner training for a marathon; training comes in the form of a daily exercise. For your puppy to truly ?get it? they will need daily exercise, instruction, praise and re-instruction in what is expected of them.

Depending upon the specific method that you have chosen to answer the question How To Train My Puppy, this may include the routine of going outside after every nap and meal or perhaps spending time in the crate that you will use to potty train them in and this only applies to their potty training! Throughout this time, as you train your puppy to be obedient, you must remain calm, patient and loving with your puppy.

How To Train My Puppy - #3 ? Perseverance

As you learn How To Train My Puppy and continue to train your dog in other important areas of life, it will become very easy to slack off in your training routines. Do NOT make this mistake. Most of our children attend school for at least 12 years. Why? Because they profit from the continual training. It is no different for your puppy and soon to be adult dog. They need constant training if you expect them to meet your standard. If you tire of the training, don?t give up! Remember that the time you pour into your dog will be given back to you through an obedient, loving friend for life. It?s worth it, so continue to persevere.

If you make the choice to bring a new puppy into your home, you also need to make the commitment to prepare yourself to train it. With lots of love and patience, persevering through the difficult time, you will have done your part to help create another one of ?Man?s Best Friends?. Have fun!

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