How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

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How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

by Orville Boisvert

How to train your dog to stop barking is not as hard as you might think. Even if barking is a normal and natural behavior in dogs. Keep reading and I'll tell you exactly what I did.

First let me tell you about my dog. He is a 3 year old pomeranian, yep you guested it, a little yapper. He barked at everything. Dogs, cats, bugs, its own tale, everytime he heard a car or someone walking outside. I was fed up so I did a little research and this is what I found.

Start by asking yourself whats making your dog bark. Does your dog bark to go outside, or when he is hungry or thirsty. If so try answering its basic needs. Like a doggy door and an automatic feeder and water dispenser. And try closing the shades so he can't see outside.

Train your dog to bark on command, this will help him learn to be quiet on command as well. Use positive reinforcement, say good followed by a treat and lots of praise. To stop his barking while you are away. Turn the radio on to soft music and close the blinds.

These are basic tips and they do work. But if your is like mine was. And you feel he just liked the sound of his own bark. Then you need serious help, like I did. That's when my research brought me to sit, stay, fetch. A book by Daniel Stevens, a professional dog trainer. I couln't believe how easy this book was to follow. Very well written and easy to understand. It taught me how to stop my dogs barking, how to stop him from chewing everything, How to stop him from fighting with other dogs, How to stop him from jumping on everybody. And alot more.

There is enormous benefits in training your dog with this book. I am not affraid to take him everywhere I go because I know I am in control. But the biggest benefit of having a well trained dog is that you and your dog can both experience personal growth in your relationship.

Discover the proven, 'lab-tested' strategies a 34-year-old dog lover used to obedience train over 20 THOUSAND people's dogs, and experience the ENORMOUS benefits you and others will gain from obedience training your dog! Cick here now...

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

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