How To Train Your Dogs

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How To Train Your Dogs

by Sumit Bhatnagar

Dogs can hear sound in a much more efficient way then we do. Dogs can also figure out certain body gestures and postures.

When you are planning to train your dog, use a high pitch tone to call your pet.

Always, remember to call your dog by his name and when you command him to come to you, do not forget to pamper him when he does that.

Sometimes, dogs tend to just ignore you when you call them. They actually do not have any idea as to what is going on! So, they take some time to get trained.

The best way to deal with the situation is, try to lure your dog with something and then call him.

For instance, when you call him and he comes to you, show him the treat. After sometime, dogs start to obey the commands very easily.

The next training for your dog should be to teach him how to walk with you. When you are walking along with your dog, make sure none of you just drags the other one. So, it is very necessary to teach them how to walk with you.

Choose any command and give him the command to move. When you want to stop him, give him some command again. If he does not stop, give his leash a tug. He will understand your command slowly. Dogs can easily understand some common commands very easily like ?Halt?, ?Stop ?, or ?Shake Hand? etc.

When you give him any command, try to show him your gestures. This will help him to make out what he is asked to do.

Thus, these are some important guidelines to follow.

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