How To Use Canine Clicker Training To Train Your Dog

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How To Use Canine Clicker Training To Train Your Dog

by Anthony Jansen

Canine clicker training has been thought by many to be a new method of training with dogs or with other animals. The truth is, clicker training has been around for many years which is also called as ?classical conditioning?.

Scientists, therapists, animal trainers and behavior trainers how been carrying using classical conditioning on animals and even people for hundreds of years. Classical conditioning is based on conditioning a desired behavior with a reward. If your dog is commanded to sit and he obeys to your command, your dog may receive a reward.

At this point of time, you would click a clicker during giving the treat. This would result in a positive manner as well. With repetitions over a period of time, the click of the clicker with associated with good behavior even if you didn?t present any treat.

Perhaps some of you may ask what exactly a clicker is. The clicker is just a small plastic box device of which the trainer of master will carry in the hand. It just a metal strap which you can press and release to produce a sharp ?click? sound. The role of the master is to associate good behavior with the sound of the click.

Clickers are deemed to be effective because it is much simpler and also faster when comparing to using words. This sound is also much recognizable to a dog in spite of noisy crowds or environment.

You can begin using canine clicker training together with a treat first. This is because you want to associate the click with a reward. One of the advantages of using a clicker is that since it encourages positive behavior and manner. Your dog will eventually get better and doing things correctly.

To implement canine clicker training more effectively, the key is to break down your commands to tiny steps. For example, of you wish for your dog to lie down and rollover, reward your dog and click when your dog just start lying down first. Then slowly as you train him to rollover, raise the stake and only reward your dog if he successfully rollover.

You can use canine clicker training for either simple and complex commands, but it must always be associated with a reward or treat until your dog can understand that the clicker is a reward or praise by itself.

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