How We PottyTrained Our Puppy

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How We PottyTrained Our Puppy

by Laura Fleenor

Some people have a really difficult time potty-training their puppies, so this article is going to tell you how we potty trained our puppy in one week. Potty-training your puppy does not have to be a grueling task.

When my family got a puppy, I was dreading trying to potty-train him. In the past, I always had a very hard time potty-training puppies, and I usually gave up on them turning them into outside dogs, or finding them a new home. This time, I was determined to get the job done.

My first piece of advice to new puppy owners is to obtain a cage that you can keep in your house. We put a nice, cozy bed in our puppies cage, and he has never been afraid of his cage, or unwilling to enter it. If we take our puppy out at night, he often came in the house and went directly into the cage, thinking its was time for bed. Try not to use the cage as a punishment, or he will not want to be in it.

For the first few weeks that you have your new puppy, keep him in the cage all night long. This may sound cruel, but this teaches the puppy that this is where he will be sleeping, and he will learn bladder control. Our puppy soiled his cage only the first night, and then decided that he didn?t want to do that to his sleeping quarters. Keep in mind, most puppies will have a hard time adjusting with the cage for the first couple nights, especially if he was allowed to roam free with his previous owners.

The step in potty-training your puppy is to take them outside about every hour. Taking them out every hour is very, very important. If you see your puppy sniffing around your house, take him out again. Better safe than sorry. When you take your puppy outside, take them to the same general area. Taking them to the same general area will make lawn maintenance easier for you, and most dogs like to use the same area for their business.

If your puppy has an accident in the house, stick his nose down by it, not in it, and tell him ?No, that?s a bad boy/girl?, and then take him directly outside. Pointing at things and telling them about it, seems to work better than losing your temper and yelling at them. I also suggest that when he goes to the bathroom outside, praise them for a job well done. You may even want to occasionally give your dog puppy treats as a reward.

In conclusion, this technique may not work for everyone, but it worked for us, and it worked fast. My grandfather is the one who told me about how he trained his puppy, so we tried it, and it worked. I thought I would share this information with you, because I was so clueless for so long. I hope this technique works for you and your family as it did for me and mine.

Article written by: Laura Fleenor - owner and webmaster of Articles 4 Me And, Credit, and Articles 4 Me And Blogger. Laura is also webmaster of K.A.G.E.D. Laura holds an AAS in Computer Programming, an AS in Information Technology, and a Certificate of Program Completion in Web Page Design/Publishing.

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