How We Taught Our Dog To Walk At The Heel

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How We Taught Our Dog To Walk At The Heel

by Vanessa White

It all started when our Bichon Frise dog Lexy was about four months old.

My husband Ken wanted to take her out each day so they could walk together but all she wanted to do was pull and tug. Ken couldn?t trust this behavior walking along shoulders of roads or if he had to cross the street.

He dealt with this for about three weeks complaining that the dog would not listen. Then he realized it wasn?t Lexy?s fault, it was his. Ken needed to show her what he wanted with patience.

The next morning Ken and Lexy walked out the door for their morning walk. He put Lexy at his right heel and called out the ?heel? command as he stepped forward with his right foot. Lexy did exactly what she had been doing every day - she pulled and tugged as she jumped out in front of him. This time the difference was going to be Ken. He refused to move forward and stood firm. Ken gently put her back at his right heel and then repeated the same thing over and over.

That first day they didn?t get more than ten feet! The next day they did about six feet. It seemed as though they would never get to walk together. Eventually Lexy started to understand Ken would not go forward if she would not stay at his right heel. This whole process took about one week.

Now Lexy loves being by our side when we go for a walk and stays right at our heel with the occasional ?heel? command and we enjoy our walks together.

So take the time not to move forward with your dog until your dog understands what you want. And remember, just use one word commands.

This article was written by Vicki White along with the help of her husband Ken who both have a love for dogs and animals. You can visit their websites at, or where you will find articles and tips on all your pet needs.

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