How to Choose a Good Dog Training Book

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How to Choose a Good Dog Training Book

by Grace Alleshouse

A responsible dog owner is truly concerned about his dog behavior and consequent training.That is a good moment to look for help on how to train your best friend.He and your neighbors will thank you for that.

There are some factors to consider when looking for a good Dog Training Book. To start with, you need to identify what kind of personality your dog has. Is he the hyper kind? Or laid back? Is he aggressive? Or docile? Answering these questions will help you to choose the best training method.There are many of them available, including reward training, leash and collar training and clicker training.

So, let's say your dog is a "tough" one to handle. He does not pay attention on what you say. In this case, you may consider leash and collar training. What comes next might sound funny, but it is very important. What is Your personality type?

You should know that training a dog requires patience and consistence. You need to understand that dogs think and act different from us.They communicate differently from us. Once you defined your dog's personality and yours, it's time to find a good training book or guide.

You may want to make some research and look for good dog trainers literature. Look for the ones that earned some reputation on their profession.The successful ones. You will find out that they have different styles, but they all work around the most important basics that have been used for years. To summarize, remember the basic steps: know your dog, know yourself,choose the training method and research.

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