How to Deal With a Puppy Thats a Tinkler

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How to Deal With a Puppy Thats a Tinkler

by Suzie Springer

Is your puppy a tinkler? If he is you are probably wondering if he will ever grow out of it. Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes he will get over it if you deal with the problem correctly, and no if you don't. For young puppies tinkling isn't a conscious behavior. Puppies will tinkle when they are scared, over-excited or anxious. Whenever you catch your puppy tinkling you should avoid disciplining him. Discipline will only make the problem worse.

When you come form work you should ignore your puppy until he has completely calmed down. Then you should take a jar that has something in it and shake it while you pet your puppy. This will divert your puppy's mind while you are petting him. When you are dealing with a puppy that has this problem, you should kneel down to pet him instead of leaning over.

If you are dealing with a puppy that is timid, or shy around other people have everyone in the room ignore, even yourself ignore the puppy. If you sooth him this will only serve to reinforce his fears. Instead, when your puppy approaches the person he is fearful of, offer him a treat. When he is calm instruct the person he is fearful of to kneel down and pet his chest.

If your puppy tinkles during greeting or during play sessions, ignore him and end the play sessions until he develops better bladder control. Dealing with your puppy in this manner will help build his self-esteem, and in a relatively short period of time you will notice that he no longer has this problem.

Remember that there is more to your little fur ball than those cute puppy dog eyes. Your puppy is a fascinating creature that needs you to understand where he is coming from before he can give you his full cooperation.

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