How to Easily Train Your Dog

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How to Easily Train Your Dog

by M Bruno

If you have a new dog or a dog that has been a member of your family for some time, one of the challenges that you may be having is how to train your dog.

While there are myriad techniques and philosophies concerning how to train your dog, there are some principles that are universal.

Why it?s important to train your dog.

A dog that you train is one that understands his position in your household. He will see you as the leader and he will be a happy dog, submissive to your commands. This is a good thing as dogs naturally want to follow the leader of the pack. If you don?t assume leadership, your dog will become the leader out of necessity, and chaos will be the disorder of the day.

When you train your dog you will have developed a language of social interaction between you and your dog. Socialization includes communication with your dog. Developing a pack leader, pack follower relationship with your dog is important for proper socialization. As the pack leader, your dog will recognize the need to respond to your commands. This will contribute to your dogs psychological welfare in the natural order of things. It is also a benefit for his safety as your dog will obey your command to stay out of the street and away from moving cars. Your relationship with your dog will improve as a result, so it?s worth your while to train your dog.

Once you have determined that you should train your dog, the next step is top find out :

How to easily train your dog

? The easiest way to train your dog is to join a group training class. There are different levels of classes that are offered in your community. Many are sponsored by large pet store chains. The classes are generally held once a week for 6-8 weeks.

The advantage to group training classes is that your dog has the opportunity to develop social skills in a group setting while learning the lessons that a professional dog trainer teaches as part of every class.

? Another way to easily train your dog is to work with a professional dog trainer in a one on one setting . This is more costly but is an option to quickly and easily train your dog in many areas of common concern such as the proper way to go for a walk, and obeying common commands. A one on one setting is also a good option to easily train your dog when more difficult cases exist such as a dog who has not been properly socialized and may be hard to handle in a group environment.

? For really tough cases such as a dog that has never been socialized, never had adequate training, is aggressive, hyperactive or in the vernacular of many dog parents, ?out of control?, you should consult with a dog behavior specialist, a dog whisperer. This humane and alternative approach to correcting your dog?s behavior will help you retake control of your dog and permit you to communicate with your dog as leader of your pack. Once your dog is receptive to communication, you can then proceed to easily train your dog.

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