How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

by Jean Morgan

My Border Collie, Emma, was overweight. Family members started to call her "Pudgy," and "Rolly-Poly, " and laughed when she wouldn't move even to bark. She even developed a way to twirl around in a sitting position rather than get up to see what was going on around her.

While her adjustments to her added weight seemed funny, it started to become clear that her health was in danger. Most of us don't want to believe that our pet is fat. In our eyes, they are oh-so perfect. A good test is to rub their tummy, along their ribs ? if you can't feel their ribs, then you have a tubby on your hands! But don't despair.

In just four months our Emma has lost 13 pounds. It really wasn't all that hard to get her to lose that weight ? and now we have a healthier and more active pooch. You can do the same! Where do you start?

First. record what you feed him or her for a few days, including treats. You probably don't realize just how much you are actually feeding your dog. After you've recorded the food you are giving your baby ? start eliminating the extras! Cut out the snacks ? or replace them with healthy alternatives (my dog loves to chew on raw carrots), always checking with reliable sources to make sure whatever you feed isn't toxic for dogs.

Watch other family members! Your best efforts can be compromised if someone is sneaking treats on the side. Make sure that everyone at home realizes just how serious obesity is to your pets' health. Everyone in the house has to realize that love actually equals less food!

Take that dog out for a walk! Make sure you are giving your pet a chance to exercise. Walking will speed up the metabolism and help to lose that excess weight. Grab that leash, and bring your dog along - even if you were thinking of going out for a short walk by yourself. Don't be surprised if your dog gets tired a lot at first ? especially if your pet hasn't been exercising much. Give those doggie muscles and bones a chance to build up! Slowly increase your walks, and you will have a slimmer dog companion.

Your dog's health will improve and so will yours ? and those walks will make both your dog ? and you - very happy, too.

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