How to Leash Train Your Dog

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How to Leash Train Your Dog

by Lynn Reynolds

Many of us have bright, intelligent, and obedient dogs?inside the house. When we put our beloved canines on a leash, however, they pull like crazy or are so busy sniffing the ground that they won?t budge when we try to take a few steps. Well, the good news is that dogs can be taught how to properly walk on leashes.

The first step is to make sure you are setting a comfortable pace for your dog. Most dogs can handle and enjoy a brisk pace, but many older dogs will need a more leisurely stroll. Walk at a consistent pace so the dog knows what to expect.

To stop the bad behaviors we must reward the good behaviors. Getting into tug-of-war will not teach your dog leash manners and will give him the upper paw. Instead, start by praising your dog whenever he is walking beside you nicely. If you are clicker training, click when the dog is heeling.

Once the dog knows where she is supposed to walk, introduce her to the word heel, or whatever phrase you choose. Use it when your dog is heeling, and reward your dog when she heels when asked.

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and enough fun time outside. If you have a young dog with lots of energy, more than one walk a day is often necessary. A fenced in yard allows your dog to run around and play so he isn?t too full of energy at walk times. After your walk, you can sit outside with your dog and allow him to sniff around and enjoy the outdoors.

Leash training will take many walks to learn, especially if your dog has had bad leash habits for years. The most important things are to not give up and to remain positive. Even older dogs can learn new manners and don?t be frustrated by the process. Your dog knows when you are upset and this will slow down any training progress you are making.

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