How to Pick a Puppy

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How to Pick a Puppy

by CS Swarens

Picking a puppy can be a difficult task. Your decision needs to be not only well informed but also a decision you can be happy with for as many as twenty years. The first task is to establish if a breeder or a trip to the local animal shelter is the best option for you. Both options have their pros and cons.

When deciding on a breeder you get the benefit of having a registered animal with its complete history at your fingertips. You will have an idea of the animal's temperament, and you will be able to have your choice of the breed and color that is most suited to your tastes. However this could also mean the animal has not had proper vet care, handling, and could have diseases from inbreeding if you do not choose a reputable breeder.

If you decide to choose from the animal shelter you get the benefit of knowing you saved an animal's life. The puppy will have had vet care, and you will know ahead of time any medical problems that could be an issue. Animals from shelters often come spayed or neutered, if the animals is too young for the procedure you will be provided with a voucher to have the procedure done at low or no cost.

Once you decide which option is best for you, the most difficult choice will be which puppy is best for you. Don't let how cute all the puppies are cloud your judgment! Keep in mind you are choosing a pet that has to fit you and your lifestyle for up to twenty years. Do your homework and make a list of what traits you are really after. Do you want a pet that is going to be relaxed, and be content to hang out around the house while you are at work? Would you prefer a pet that is more active who will happily run with you on daily jogs?

Make a list of breeds you are interested in, traits in those breeds that you are after, and most importantly what life style this puppy will need to adapt to. When you have your list, and your choice of where you will get your puppy its time to start on your journey to acquiring your puppy.

If you have chosen to select your puppy from a breeder you will likely have to place a deposit before the litter is born, or shortly after it has arrived. It will take several trips to the breeder, usually at 4, 6 and 8 weeks to decide which puppy is best for you and your price range. Breeding quality puppies, and show quality puppies will cost more than a standard pet quality pup. Be sure to spend time with each puppy without setting your sites on one in particular right away. Make sure you look each puppy over to make sure the eyes are clear, that they respond correctly to sounds i.e. they do not run and hide from noises, and aren't aggressive.

Puppies from animal shelters may be adopted quickly so a few visits to decide on an animal may not be possible. Keep in mind animals in a confined area can be under stress and therefore are not showing their true personalities. If an animal is reserved it is not necessarily a bad sign, they can simply be nervous due to an unfamiliar situation.

Dogs are wonderful animals that can add value and quality to your life. Do your homework to assure that you are making a wise decision given your lifestyle and the needs of your pet.

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