How to Prepare Homemade Dog Food

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How to Prepare Homemade Dog Food

by Michael M Thomas

Preparing home made dog food is actually easier than you might think. While you may not realize it, many of the ingredients used in dog food are the same ingredients found in the food that people eat. What goes in to preparing home made dog food? Here's a simple outline:

Ground meat and ground turkey are two basic meats that can be the core of what you feed your dog. Ground meat and ground turkey are easily bought at any grocery store. Choose what's best for your budget and what's best for your dog. The turkey is usually easier for your dog to digest. But you may want to mix it up a little so that your dog doesn't get bored with the same old food all the time.

What other ingredients should you add? Well, it's much like cooking for a person. Green vegetables are always a good option. You can add raw vegetables in with the raw meat or you can add cooked vegetables in after you have cooked the meat. You may already know what vegetables your dog likes based on what you find left in his bowl or based on what your dog takes from around the house.

Other ingredients can include just about anything. Rice is a popular filler, which is fine for your dog to eat. You may also consider cubed bread or even some ground up vitamins.

Whatever you choose to include in your home made dog food, you will know that you will soon have a healthier dog. Take some time to experiment. Learn what your dog likes. Try out new recipes and play with the recipes you already know. Home made dog food is better for your dog, can save you some money, and may also provide you with some extra time to bond with your pooch!

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