How to Relieve Your Dog Separation Anxiety

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How to Relieve Your Dog Separation Anxiety

by Leo Enoch

Dogs do show bad behavior when they are felt separation anxiety. Some of this misbehavior can be detrimental and risky to the dog or even the anybody around them.

Behavior problem linked to separation anxiety includes, excessive barking, chewing, tearing down items in the house, scratching, reckless urination, defecation, and other self damaging conduct.

These problem often appears in the absent of the owner for extended period. For the health and the protection of the Dogs, they need to be trained to deal with long period of separation.

Here are some things that you can do to give comfort to your Dog Separation Anxiety:

1. Having a preparation and scheduled separation with the dog. This will step by step adjust the dog to be exposed to being on its own and separated with the owner.

2. When parting with the dog, keep it boring and simple, like a simple bye will do it. Do not dragged and exaggerate your farewell as this will raised the separation anxiety in the dog. They are social animal and they can feel your reluctance to leave them.

3. Give your dog with several things to be busy with, like chewing toys, balls, treats, etc.

4. Have a routine play time; this is the time where you can provide your dog your undivided attention. This is helpful to diminish boredom and anxiety in your dog.

5. Giving your dog with plenty of exercise will be a good way to diminish separation anxiety as the exercise will provide him with a good rest when you are away from him.

6. If your dog is still young, it is important to get him comfortable to being isolated, this can be done by crate training.

7. In more challenging case, it is important for the owner to disregard the dog for an extended period of time. This will diminish the dependency of the dog to its owner.

8. Medication although not recommended, from time to time can be used to help reduce the anxiety in the dog.

9. Certainly the last and most effective approach to help your dog overcome separation anxiety that is harmful and very destructive is by training him the correct way. Don?t just accept as true the claim being made by dog trainer, if you love your dog, you should learn more on the correct method of dog training yourself. This will give you a more meaningful relationship with your dog.

There you now have the 9 method to help you ease your dog separation anxiety. This is very important as your dog can cause a lot of harm to himself or to the people around him with his destructive and damaging behavior.

Remember that your dog well being and the people you love is at stage and should you think that you are not able to cope with your dog behavior problem, consult with the professional. It is better to do it as early as possible before you face unnecessary heartache or even unwanted lawsuit because of your dog behavior problems.

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