How to Stop Dangerous Toe Infections

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How to Stop Dangerous Toe Infections

by Ramond McVicker

Trimming your dog?s nails is another essential part of adequate pet grooming. When done often enough using the proper procedures, your dog will get accustomed to these grim events. Of course a treat or two wont hurt either.

It is important to note that trimming your dog?s nails is not painful in any way as long as you don't cut into the quick. Although a dull trimmer can put a lot of pressure on your dogs nails before it cuts. So be sure to have an sharp trimming utensil. A file is also recommended to file down the sharp edges that are left after you cut your dogs nails.

There are three main types of trimmers. They are guillotine, pliers, and scissor style trimmers. The guillotine style is exactly what it sounds like it and requires your dogs nail to be inserted through a hole in the top. Then the handles are pushed together as the blade comes down it cuts off the nail. This type of clipper is often difficult to use especially on large breed dogs as their thicker nails can be more difficult to insert into the guillotine.

Pliers work very similar to sheers. They have two notched blades that cut the nail as the handles are pushed together. These are very popular because you often capable of seeing where the blade will cut the nail in this type of trimmer. They also work great on big dogs. These trimmers are available for large or small dogs and can be used on any breed. However, they often need to be sharpened when they become dull.

Scissor style tremors worked just like a regular pair of scissors where you have notched blades that surround and cut the nail as the handles are pushed together. These clippers are used for small jobs only and are not actually nail trimmers. They are best used for other types of pets or small animals. Often times the type of trimming utensil you'll use is dependent upon your breed, the size of your animal, and needs to be cut.

If you happen to cut your dogs quick it is often necessary to apply its styptic powder as the nail tends to bleed a lot. Some home remedies include using flour. It is also recommend that you keep plenty of dog treats for when you first start cutting your dogs nails as you would be well inclined to distract your pet during this tedious process. The treats often work well to take attention away from an occasional mishap.

Dog?s nails need to be trimmed when they are getting too long and they are interfering with the dog's gate. Untrimmed nails can also result in splitting and a great deal of pain including bleeding that may often require a trip to the veterinarian's office. If the dogs nails curl under and grow into the pad the dog may have to have a serious surgery to remove the painful infection. This is similar to an ingrown nail in humans.

Remember to clip your dogs? nails often and do not then do not let them grow too long. It is important for the health of your dog and for their general hygiene so that they don't injure themselves when scratching other areas.

Being a responsible pet owner takes a little work, but you and your dog will be happier for it. for more Pet Grooming Tips or other Pet Health Care information visit

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