How to Stop Dog Barking

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How to Stop Dog Barking

by Drew Charlie

Do you want a well-behaved dog? A dog that wont run outside and bark at every person that walks past your house, a dog that won?t pee on your carpet, a dog that wont bite your ankles as you walk past.

I am going to show you 3 very important training tips that will make your dog completely house trained and stop that annoying barking.

1. Catch your dog in the act. This is one of the most important rules to stop your dog from barking. Try not to let your dog get away with it at any time. Even if it means following them around yard. Use a strong voice and say ?NO? when they start barking if they continue, tie them up away from the fence or whatever they were barking at.

Eventually they will learn that if they continue, they will be tied up. This is an effective way to stop dog barking.

You can also use electronic barking collars however I do not recommend this. For this to work you will need to have them working all the time.

Barking is part of dogs nature, using an electric collar is taking something natural away from them. I also believe these collars are the lazy solution so stop dog barking.

2. Don?t change your dogs sleeping, eating or potty locations. If you mix up these locations your dog will become confused and not know where to go to the toilet etc.

Keep the NO areas consistent. Before you even go to the pet store to buy a dog you should know where the do can and cannot go. Make it clear from the very start otherwise house training your dog can take much longer then you want.

3. It?s a family thing. Anybody who notices the dog barking should apply the training methods to stop this problem. One person can not be responsible for stoping a dog from barking because you need to catch the dog in the act for it to work

These are the most important factors in training your dog. However you must remember there are many other points to consider to successfully train a dog. Different dogs will learn your specific house rules at different rates but the most import thing is to not give up and do not let your dog get away with bad habits.

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