How to Stop Dogs From Barking

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How to Stop Dogs From Barking

by Tony Harrison

?Stop barking!? ?Stop barking!?... maybe even followed by a ?stupid mutt!?. How many times have you caught yourself saying that to your dog. We?ve all done it, and we?ve all got even angrier as man?s best friend just continued barking, like nothing happened. Maybe you even uttered threats under your breath... wished somebody would tell you how to stop dogs from barking?

So how do you stop dogs from barking? We will get to that in a second, firstly we need to understand why a dog barks. Bear in mind it?s only natural for a dog to bark, firstly to protect itself and its territory, when it?s hungry, to warn of perceived danger and in fear. Kind of like us really isn?t it ? Generally outdoor dogs bark more than indoor dogs as the more likely to encounter unexpected things such as small animals, noises and other people.

So once you have an idea of when your dog barks and you feel it?s actually unnecessary then you start working on getting your dog to stop barking. Lets say for arguments sake that your dog barks whenever your friends appear, this is considered the trigger. Identifying such triggers is essential to stop dogs from barking.

To stop dogs from barking requires gentle persuasion rather than an angry approach. You need to get a catch phrase to use of your dog like ?stop barking? or ?no barking? and say this catch phrase over and over again until your dog stops barking. When your dog stops barking it?s time to reward them with their favourite treat. The secret here is about repetition and persistence particularly if your dog is barking because it is fearful of nervous.

When using the catch phrase, make sure that you say it loud enough to get your dog?s attention. Then repeat the catch phrase holding your dog?s attention and as soon as your dog stops barking reward him or her.

Coercion and reward are the secret to stop dogs from barking. It is very good way of training dogs to stop barking. Do not scare your dog unnecessarily otherwise you will have a really unhappy dog and owner. Remember that your dog is your best friend and you should treat him or her as such.

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