How to Stop Your Dog Digging Behavior

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How to Stop Your Dog Digging Behavior

by Gerry Restrivera

Is your prized garden now riddled with embarrassing holes? Has it become impossible?and expensive?to maintain your flowerbed? Is your yard starting to feel like an archeological dig site? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your dog digging behavior is already a problem. You need to learn how to put a stop to this once and for all.

To stop your dog digging behavior, you must first understand the reason behind this behavior. When you find out the root of his actions, you will be more effective in training him to stop it.

There are plenty of reasons for dog digging behavior. Some breeds, like terriers, are more prone to digging than others. For most dogs, however, it?s a fun exercise because it?s very stimulating, with all the smells, creatures, and treasures they may uncover. Bored and lonely dogs tend to dig for lack of anything to do, or out of separation anxiety.

Dogs are social beings. They also dig to escape, sometimes to look for human companionship, sometimes to be with other dogs. Dog digging behavior for escape can also mean that your dog wants to look for a mate. Dogs can also dig for shelter?if they are cold, they dig up a pit for warmth; if they are hot, they dig up the cool, moist earth to lie in.

Digging is also instinctive behavior left over from when dogs still lived in the wild. While they no longer hunt, sometimes dogs still feel the need to hide leftovers, like bones, for later consumption. Additionally, dog digging behavior is also a natural way for dogs to keep their nails trim.

Here are some tips for you to stop your dog digging behavior:

-Identify the circumstances that set off this behavior, and change it. If you find that he is digging to protect himself from the elements, for example, improve the shelter and other provisions, like water, you give him.

-Give him additional stimulus and activities to expend his pent-up energy to stop dog digging behavior. You can start with some nice doggie toys and longer daily walks. Take him to the dog park to mix with other dogs.

-Give him quality time. If your dog digging behavior is due to loneliness, all he needs is a little extra attention. Pay extra care to his grooming. If you have to be away for long periods of time, give him plenty of things to do.

-Barricade specific areas to keep your dog out. Build a wire mesh fence around flowerbeds, or cover prohibited areas with bricks or small rocks. In time, he will learn these areas are off-limits.

-Deter him from off-limit areas. One good trick is to sprinkle some ground red pepper on the part of your garden you want to protect. You can squirt him with water or turn on the sprinklers when you catch him digging where he?s not supposed to. Likewise, you can also use any loud noise, like banging a coffee can to stop your dog digging behavior. Just make sure to do this when you actually catch him in the act. Be consistent.

- If your dog must dig, especially if you have a digging breed, you can designate an area for him to do so. You can give him a corner of your yard for this purpose. Or, you can build him his own sandbox. Dig it up and bury some doggie treats for him to uncover. Praise him when he digs there.

-To stop dog digging behavior, you may want to try commercial products that are available in pet stores. There?s also another tactic you might want to try: when you fill in the holes, add some of his feces into the filling. You may find it extreme, maybe, but you?ll see it will help you stop your dog digging behavior.

If the above tips to stop dog digging behavior don?t work, do not lose hope, it only means you need more effective techniques to transform your dog?s behavior. Did you know that you can put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog?s behavior problems by using techniques that will give you immediate results? Discover dog obedience training secrets to stop your dog?s behavior problems visit Sit Stay Fetch: Dog Obedience Training at Dogs' Corner

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