How to Stop Your Dog From Barking

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How to Stop Your Dog From Barking

by Lynn Reynolds

Is your dog?s barking driving you or your neighbors mad? Fortunately, although some dogs will always be more vocal than others, you can train your dog to stop incessant barking.

First, understand the reason why your dog is barking. The most common reason a dog barks is boredom. If a dog is left alone for several hours, kept outside in a fenced in yard or on a chain, or doesn?t receive sufficient interaction, the dog will bark to let you, and anyone else nearby, know his unhappiness.

If you must leave your dog alone for several hours, try to find a pet sitter who can come by to give your dog some extra attention and an afternoon walk. If this is not possible, be sure walk your dog in the morning before you leave for work. A tired dog is less likely to bark than a dog with pent up energy.

Don?t leave your dog outside alone by herself. Dogs are pack animals and don?t do well on their own. Increase your walk time and your play time. Again, a tired dog is a good dog.

Don?t reward a dog for barking. If your dog barks when he is bored, don?t immediately talk to him or acknowledge him in any way. When you do that, all you are doing is training the dog that when he barks he gets the attention that he is seeking. Instead, praise your dog and give your dog attention when he isn?t barking so he knows that he doesn?t have to ask.

Many dogs love looking out the window all day and barking at any passersby. This is a natural instinct to guard their territory and it can be hard to break them of this habit. Try shutting the blinds and curtains, at least as a temporary measure, and distract your dog with new toys. There are some toys, like the kong, which incorporate playing with food and can keep most dogs occupied for quite some time.

Although your dog?s barking may seem to be the problem, it is only the symptom. Once you figure out why your dog is barking and fix the real problem, you will be able to enjoy your home in peace with your happier and quieter canine.

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