How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

by Gerry Restrivera

Hopping dogs, pleasing but most of the time annoying and you must find ways to stop your dog from jumping as early as possible. Dogs since time immemorial are considered as man?s best friend, how they have manifested emotions by being responsive is really extraordinary. Treating them much like humans are nothing but normal actions of dog owners, the way we caress, cuddle and pick them up makes them feel at ease and loved. Yet dogs will always be dogs, they would always rely on their owners to train them.

Every little action accumulates to an inadvertent training for our own dogs. So if they probably grew up playing with you chances are it might also jump on you most of the time. Jumping of dogs are actually signs of their excitement especially if someone comes into the door. This behavior can be dangerous and you must stop your dog from jumping as early as possible.

At first we can relate this as a sign of their affection, later on we would realize that what we mistakenly taught them an annoying behavior. Reinforcing that action would be one of the least options we would want to consider. Thus, it is important to stop your dog from jumping at once and not tolerate the behavior.

That kind of behavior shows that they want to catch someone?s attention or that they would want to socialize, yet reality would tell us that it is not always positive. Imagine a 95 lbs. dog jumping on an old woman with poor balance, the thought of her toppling over is seriously dangerous so you must stop your dog from jumping before it could hurt others.

If you start to stop your dog from jumping, eliminating this manner won?t only result to a dog becoming well disciplined, but the owner himself would acquire the same values as his pet. Exuberance of our pets is a good trait yet it isn?t always advisable especially if safety is at stake. There are actually several ways to help stop your dog from jumping, be well trained and liked by everyone else.

Overlook technique

To stop your dog from jumping, you may use the overlook technique. When your dog starts to show some signs of jumping on you, ignore it immediately. Such signs include the movement of its feet seemingly leaving the ground and when it paws at the hind of your legs. Thought it might be hard for you as an owner try your best to look away from it, continue this trend as until your dog turns to a more pleasant behavior such as sitting or just standing still. This technique is actually grounded from the theory that any type of attention when given an adverse reaction results to a probable turning back.

Clutching technique

Clutching technique is one way to stop your dog from jumping. As the owner and the trainer you should know when to make an appropriate correction to stop your dog from jumping and the only right time to do this is when your pet has already done the actual act of jumping. This technique focuses on the trainer not reinforcing the act by grabbing its paws at a height just keeping it on an upright and standing position. This might lead your dog to wriggle nevertheless hold it for quite some time while saying ?no?. Dogs don?t like this position, therefore he would settle not to do the act again and this will stop your dog from jumping. That is only if you continuously do that act as your pet does his.

Sit Technique

This method is one of the simplest one to stop your dog from jumping, because it is much like teaching your dog a basic trick, and that is no less than to sit. Once you enter the door and your dog starts to jump on you immediately command it to sit. Doing this would teach your dog to sit if it decides to greet you.

As in any training, there is no single method that truly and effectively applies to all. Same applies here, these methods to stop your dog from jumping are only mere suggestions yet in the end it is up to you as an owner and trainer to decide which best fits you as a trainer and your dog.

If the above tips to stop your dog from jumping don?t work, do not lose hope, it only means you need more effective techniques to transform your dog?s behavior. Did you know that you can put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog?s behavior problems by using techniques that will give you immediate results? Discover dog obedience training secrets to stop your dog?s behavior problems visit Sit Stay Fetch: Dog Obedience Training at Dogs' Corner

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