How to Stop a Dog from Whining

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How to Stop a Dog from Whining

by Navy T

Whining is often an annoying habit that dogs pick up. Dogs whine because they want attention and the worst whiners do it for food or table scraps. The key in how to stop a dog from whining is to stop it before it becomes a habit. People have to do something thirty times before it becomes a habit and the same goes for dogs. In fact, dogs probably don?t even have to do it that much. When a dog realizes he can get attention for whining, he will keep it up. Dogs that are not natural whiners may have may be in pain or uncomfortable in some way and you should take him to a vet for further investigation. The dog may be sick and that is the reason for the sudden whining.

Dogs that whine for attention are the same as dogs that bark for attention. The only difference is that whining is only getting on your nerves and not your neighbors?. Just as you can teach a dog to stop barking with water, you can do the same with whining. Have your squirt bottle handy and anytime your dog whines, squirt him, saying, ?quiet.? Your dog will soon learn that this is not all that fun anymore. Only praise your dog when he is being quiet, this will teach him that attention comes from being quiet and not from whining. When telling the dog to be quiet, you want to use a consistent tone of voice. You want your dog to know that you mean business and that you want him to stop right away.

A lot of dogs whine out of fear or because they are afraid. These dogs generally also have separation anxiety. Yelling and punishing the dog will usually have no effect on these dogs. They will only become more afraid and will whine even more. The best thing you can do for these dogs is to ignore them. They will have to learn that your home is safe and that they will be okay without you. If you leave the room and the dog begins to whine, do not go back to the room where the dog is. This will only teach the dog that he can whine for attention. You may also want to order your dog to do something else when it whines. If you are eating something and he is whining for it, order him to sit. Have the dog do this several times and only praise the dog when he is being quite or after he follows your command.

Dogs whine for various reasons and it will be necessary for you to find out why the dog is whining before you begin training. The key to the whole process is to break whining as a habit that he dog has developed and to praise the dog for being quite. Do not say anything to the dog when it is whining, as you will accidentally reinforce the bad behavior and not the good one.

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