How to Sweeten Your Stinky Dog

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How to Sweeten Your Stinky Dog

by Carol Bullard

What do you do about that "wet dog" smell?

Keep a supply of dryer softener sheets by the door and when your pooch comes in dripping, rub him down and he will smell fresh as a daisy! If the smell calls for a bath, place a rubber mat in your tub so that your dog won't slip. Next, cover the drain with a piece of screen or a tea strainer to prevent your pipes from clogging. Use warm water. Brush your pet's coat well before washing. Add a bit of baby oil or cream rinse to tangles and work them out with your fingers.

For the rinse water, add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice, vinegar, or baking soda. It will get rid of the stinky smell, cut the soap scum, and leave your dog's coat soft and shiny. Make sure to have plenty of old towels on hand for drying!

What works for people, works for dogs. For bad breath, try mixing in some chopped parsley with your dog's food once a day. Plaque is often the cause fo bad breath. Be sure to brush your pet's teeth or consider having them cleaned by your veterinarian.

No matter what kind of dog you have, take care of his basic needs everyday. If your dog has long hair, make sure you brush it at least once a week. Even if your dog has short, still brush it. It will make your dog's coat shiny and clean looking. Feed your dog a nutritional diet of dog food. Do not give your dog people food. Dog food nowwadays, is highly nutritional and good for your dog.

Give your pet love unconditionally, that's what your pet gives to you!

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