How to Train Your Dog to Sit

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How to Train Your Dog to Sit

by Emma Halliday

Training your dog to sit is a very important part of dog training and once mastered will help you when it comes to training your dog to learn other skills and tricks.

Patience is the key when it comes to training your dog, so it is best to train your dog when you are feeling in a good mood as a dog will be able to sense otherwise. Dogs do not react well to negativity so you need to ensure you are positive at all times, taking care not to punish or yell. The best way to train your dog to sit is by using treats to reward your dog when they have completed a task correctly. Your dog will know that he has done right and is getting praised for it. Once your dog knows he is getting a treat for doing something correctly he will continue to do so to get the attention and treats he enjoys.

When choosing the correct treat for your dog, it is best to stay away from chocolate or sweet treats, this is too unhealthy for your dog and can end up making your dog unfit and overweight as well as causing unhealthy teeth.

Finally, find a quiet location where you can train your dog where there will be no distractions and follow these simple tips:

Stand in front or to the left side of your dog.

Hold a treat above your dog, just out of his reach so that he know the treat is there.

Slowly move the treat over your dog's head, do not hold the treat too high as it will cause your dog to jump, doing this movement correctly should cause your dog to sit.

Once your dog is about to sit down say their name and command SIT in clear strong voice. You should make sure that you say the command exactly when your dog is about to sit so he can associate the command with when he is sat down.

Praise your dog as soon as it sits down, saying either "well done", "good" or another praising word in a happy voice.

Give your pet a treat and a little pat to show how much you appreciate what they have done.

Make sure you do not repeat the command more than 5 times in any one session. Your dog needs to see training as fun and not like it is forced. Don't worry, you can hold more than one session in a day.

Once you have trained your dog to sit you should concentrate on other tasks or tricks, spend at least 15 minutes of each day training your dog. This will not only ensure you have a well behaved dog but it will also make your dog happy that he is spending time with you.

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