How to Train Your Puppy

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How to Train Your Puppy

by Emma Halliday

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and amazing experience and handled correctly can bring happiness to both owner and puppy.

The first thing you need to do once you bring a puppy into your home is to train it, this does not have to feel like a chore and it can actually bring you and the puppy closer, creating a bond of love and understanding. Training your puppy will not only give you a bond but it will keep them safe and also keep your house in order.

Training your puppy at times may be frustrating as they may take a while to start to listen to your commands and follow them, please keep persisting as once you have taught your puppy different commands they will follow them making your life a lot simpler.

That said, ensure that you only train your puppy when you are in the right frame of mind as it will do no good for either your or puppy if you try to train her when you are in a bad mood. Animals are clever and they will be able to sense when things are not right.

To start with your training you will just need to teach your puppy the basics, once this has been done it will make it easier for your puppy to learn other things. The basics are: Sit, Stay and Down. You will be able to build from these 3 commands in no time.

When training you will need to have some treats at hand to reward your puppy whenever they have understood and completed a command.

Give a lot of praise and attention to your puppy when they are training and they have done something correctly, puppies love nothing more than attention and to be loved. Once they have had a treat and some praise for doing something you have asked them they will want nothing more to repeat it so they are not only getting something good but are making their owner happy.

Puppies are like children and get restless pretty quickly so do not make any training session longer than 10 minutes and make the training sessions as fun as possible so your puppy will remember the last time they had one they had fun and got rewarded.

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