How to Train an Aggressive Dog

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How to Train an Aggressive Dog

by Navy T

How to train an aggressive dog is a good question for any owner. There are numerous reasons that dogs may be aggressive. All dogs have a little bit of aggressive behavior in them because they are dogs. They are descended from wild wolves and, as we all know, wild wolves are very aggressive. If dogs were not aggressive, we would not use them for police work, protection, or guards. The key is to find out why the dog is aggressive and then you can focus on how to train an aggressive dog.

The first step in how to train an aggressive dog is to find out why he is aggressive and what provokes him. There are several degrees of aggressiveness. Dogs may be extremely aggressive to the point that owners have a difficult time handling the dog or dogs that are only aggressive to other dogs. Each dog will require a different method of training.

For extremely aggressive dogs, there is modified police dog type training available. You will need a trainer who is specialized in this area of training. These trainers know how to train dogs not to attack and not to bite. Regular obedience training will not help this type of dog. The dog will be taught to bite a protective sleeve and then taught to release. The dog must be taught to release, as aggressive dogs will only bite, re-grip, and thrash. Just because they will drop a toy on command does not mean that they will stop biting on command. The dog must also be taught how to deal with strangers and you will have to teach your friends and family how to act so that they don?t threaten the dog. The dog must also wear a muzzle when in crowds, as the temptation to bite will be too much for the dog. The owner will also require training on how to deal with the dog and prevent it from harming others. The dog should complete basic and advanced obedience classes, as the dog will absolutely have to mind in any situation.

Training and preventing the aggressive dog starts early. Children can also play a vital role in how to train an aggressive dog. If you have a puppy that jumps and bites at children, children should cross their arms and yell, ?no!? at the dog and turn away. This will show the puppy that he is playing too rough. The puppy will learn not to be as aggressive and will play more calmly. Children should also be taught basic obedience commands.

Another method to train an aggressive dog is to make him work for everything he wants. He should have to sit before he is fed, given treats, and taken on walks. The goal is to show the dog his place in the pack. He needs to learn that the humans in the family are in control. If the dog is more aggressive to a certain family member, that family member should become the dog?s main source of survival. The family member should feed, water, exercise, praise, and play with the dog. The dog must work for everything he receives from that family member. This helps the dog understand that he does not have control over that person and the dog will place himself under that family member in the pack. All other family members must totally ignore the dog, as the dog must look to that family member for everything he needs. The dog must be rewarded for any signs of being submissive. Anytime the dog is relaxed, rolls over, keeps his ears back, and does not make eye contact, he should be rewarded. The key is to show the dog that those behaviors are good, while aggressive behaviors are not. Reconditioning the aggressive dog will take some time but, hopefully, will result in a better and happier family member.

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