I Loved My Dog But Took Her For Granted

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I Loved My Dog But Took Her For Granted

by Eric Hartwell

It's funny how you never think of it at the time. How you take things as they are, take things for granted. I did exactly that with my dog.

She was called Emily - a German Shepherd and Collie cross. Beautiful to look at and we had her from a puppy. She was gorgeous. But after a while I stopped giving her the attention she needed.

I was never cruel - well, not intentionally so ? I expect I did things that in retrospect I shouldn't have done. I occasionally had to discipline her especially when she used to go for other dogs and bark a lot. It never did any good and I suppose it made her like me a little less.

My work was a burden for me and when there was not work, there was the kids. My time was taken up with all sorts of activities and I never made time for Emily. She always wagged her tail and jumped up happily when I came home - even though she was on her own for long periods of time. All she wanted was some love.

I used to pat her and she even slept on the bed when she wanted. She was so good. I took her for walks, mainly for "relieving" reasons but rarely took her on the long extended walks that both me and her would have loved.

Perhaps I am being a bit hard on myself because I certainly remember many times when we went swimming in the sea, did "fetch" games and went running together.

But when you lose something, like Emily, you only think of how you could have made life better and how just a bit more of your time could have been spent loving each other.

She was so loyal and placid. A beautiful dog, simply beautiful. I know that if she came home now she would be so pleased to see us all. She would forgive us our selfishness.

I know, now, that I would never let her down again. Bless you Emily.

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